Software Submit.NET Reseller Program

Run your own software and website submission company!

In order to join our affiliates network, you need to ›› register


I am very happy to invite you to join our affiliate network and become a Software Submit.NET reseller.

Our service is provided by Skilled Software, a service provider and software development company with headquaters in Poland. We use the newest software technology to produce innovative tools and services for our customers.

Our highly skilled consultants will ensure, that our clients website and software titles are listed in as many software directories and software search engines as possible.

You will find details of our resellers program below. I believe, that you will find it interesting.
I hope to ›› hear from you soon and look forward to a sales partnership.
Sebastian Zaklada
President of Skilled Software, Software Submit.NET

Reseller program details

You generate your reseller revenue by redirecting customers to our safe order site.

  1. In order to join our affiliates network, you need to ›› register
  2. Once registered you will be given further instructions, what to do next to begin collecting your revenue.
  3. Market the product on-line by placing a banner on your site and running classified ads, email advertising etc., or try some other marketing strategies like direct sales, telesales, local ads etc. It's up to you what strategy to choose. If you want to use our ready-to-use banners, we will send them to you.
  4. You receive a 20% resellers fee on each transaction processed. This fee rate may be negotiated
  5. Even when a customer orders directly from us, using our direct order links, but it was you that referred him, you still generate revenue, thanks to our unique cookies option. In order to give credit to you for sales that do not occur directly (for example, if a customer is referred to our site by the affiliate, but does not immediately place the order). Using this feature, customers that are referred to our website from your web page will receive a cookie that remains valid for six months.
  6. We will send you monthly sales and transaction fees summary report by e-mail automaticaly. Payment is made monthly on the 15th of the month for the previous month's earnings, provided the affiliate reaches the minimum payment amount of 100 USD/EUR or 70 GBP in commission earnings. If the minimum amount is not reached within the month, the total is carried over to the next month and added to the next payment. Affiliates can receive payments either by Direct Deposit, check or wire transfer, in either USD, EUR or GBP.
  7. As an Affiliate you have access to sales reports in the Affiliate Control Panel. You may view sales by sales period, and see the status of your earnings.

We hope to ›› hear from you soon and look forward to a sales partnership!