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We offer three different levels of customer service. Two first levels are serviced with ready-made packages, and the third, most advanced one is a custom solution, tailored exactly to the customer needs and serviced only by the most experienced consultants.

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Level 1. One time services

short-term software submission packages

The first one is with the suite of services that you see on our website - simple yet effective software submission and promotion. This is the level of service that is chosen most often by independent software developers and vendors with only a few applications that do not change or change very little over time, and involves one-time payment for a service of choice

What we have here? For example Software Submit PLATINUM, Article Submit EXPRESS, Quality Assurance Seal - all of the "standard" services

Level 2. Subscription services

long-term software submission packages

The second level has been created primarely for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) - larger vendors, where changes and new releases are often - this one is mainly serviced with the so-called Software Submit ENTERPRISE package, which is a subscription-based package, with a recurring monthly or quarterly payment, where the customer has a number of "slots" available and he may promote the applications that fill that slots as much as he requires - resubmissions, updates - all without limitations. This level is serviced by our most experienced consultants.

Level 3. Customized solutions

dedicated, tailored consulting solutions

The third level is reserved for especially demanding customers that have a need for custom, complete approach and a very good understanding of their business. For a very long time this service level has been offered by our invitation only. However, given the high demand for such consulting offer we have decided to change this and as of February 2010 we have included it in our publicly available offer. Here we provide complete solutions, tailored to the customer business, day-to-day problems and needs. On this level we provide services, that we do not offer through our website:
  • advanced SEO
  • Search Engines Marketing - SEM (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts management and optimisation)
  • sales and marketing strategy development and implementation
  • project management
  • detailed software assessment
  • user interface design and improvement
  • offshore software development (using our Skilled Software mother company resources)
  • and many more...
managed and executed by an expert consultant, working exclusively on your projects.

The number of customers that can benefit from this highest level of service is limited, because each of the customer accounts has a dedicated employee (or more) working, most often full-time, on their projects.

What can we do for your business?

There are endless of possibilities, each of them requires carefull investigation of your current marketing practices, business requirements, answering lots of questions about what is most important, what are the main concerns, goals, how would we measure the results, which market segments should we aim for first and so on, and so on... We have lots of fun performing realy exciting work for our current customers, doint strategy development, SEO, handling complex AdWords accounts, blogvertising, securing 3rd party reviews - in magazines, on software sites, expert blogs, advertising on selected expert sites, engaging our target groups with competitions - doing a really effective sales-marketing-mix. And most important - delivering the results. Thanks to our close affiliation with our mother company Skilled Software, we can also help in:
  • Early-stage functionality suggestions
  • Beta product reviews
  • Testing - bugs, functionality and GUI improvements
  • Help in software documentation
  • Software development
Very often, whe have been taking over all of the process of bringing the software application to the marketg - starting from the idea, through carefull planning, development, testing and introducing to the market, all using our internal resources.

This is what we do and this is what we are best at.