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* one time creation and submission of custom screensaver

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Search Engines submission

We developed a new, unique and safe technology for increasing search engines site rankings. By creating branded screensavers for your website and using software submission services we guarantee to increase search engine rankings on all search engines.

We will generate up to 300+ incoming links to your website, and your rankings will go up.

For several years, with the help of the software marketing experts, we offered promotion services for independet software authors and software vendors. So far we offered our services to over 5,300 customers worldwide, we are very happy that many of them come back to promote their new products using our services.

We developed four distinct » software promotion packages, that offered submission of the software product description and download links to all internet software download sites, like for example:


and » many other software download sites.

This services offered an additional value to our customers. When an information about a software title was posted on software download site, an incoming link was created. This is a very important thing, because while Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other major search engines use different algorithms for search results website positioning, one of the key factors for search engines high rankings is the number and quality of incoming links.

Why is it so important? It is as simple as this - if you have more links to your web site, your rank will go up. The better quality of the link is, the better ranking boost your site receives in search results.

Software download sites listings offer incoming links of a very high quality. Many of them have a Google PR rating of 5 and more, the best download sites have Google PR 9 and 10.

What will you receive?

1. We will create your own branded screensaver

When you look at download statistics you will see, that screen savers are one of the most downloaded software applications, one screensaver may generate up to 50,000 downloads per week at only!

In addition to this, a screensaver acts as an advertising tool itself - when it shows on the user's monitor, your logo and promotional message shows up. Our screensavers may contain images, animations, interactive content, and automatic newsfeed reader.

All screensavers may include:

  • your company or website logo
  • a link to your website URL
  • a promotional ad copy
  • an automatic RSS news reader to keep customers updated with your news every day
You may choose from one of the screensaver templates from our library - see examples below. Finished screensavers do not have our logo.

animated aquarium dream cars RSS company news

Screensavers may use your own Flash animations.
You may also give us your own branded screensaver or other promotional software for submission.

2. We will generate a standarized PAD format description file for your screensaver
PAD is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both authors and webmasters
The PAD dataset contains all the most frequently requested information and it is all in one spot! Many online download sites are already supporting this endeavor. We use PAD files for your branded screensaver submission.

» see the example of a PAD file

3. We will submit your screensaver to 300+ software download sites
We will distribute your branded screensaver instantly in an automatic process using an artificial intelligence system to » 300+ software directories.

» See example listing on

4. We will track the submission process and number of downloads
You will receive a complete report after the submission has been completed and a submission status report with download statistics 1 month after the submission

5. You will receive a LIVE, on-line ranking consultation
You will be able to talk live with our consultants and learn what to do to maximize your rankings on search engines. You will also learn what else you can do to maximize your visibility on the internet.

6. You will be able to track your results
You will be able to track your historical search engine results placement for any keyword or keyphrase that you will choose.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact us directly, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

The easiest way to contact us is via e-mail or on the on-line live chats, via ICQ, MSN or AIM Messenger.
Please go to our » contact information page for details.