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Software Promotion Toolkit

An ultimate software distribution solution

Software Promotion Toolbox

This toolkit contains tools and information that is needed to successfully promote your software. It will show you how to expand your software presence on the interent download sites, search engines and directories in a way to help you maximize your sales.

If you follow everything in this toolkit, you are guaranteed to have more downloads of your application, more traffic to your site and more sales.


›› Software Promotion Toolkit v.7.0 without .NET runtime (MSI Archive) 2.85MB
›› Software Promotion Toolkit v.7.0 without .NET runtime (ZIP File) 2.30MB
›› Software Promotion Toolkit v.7.0 with .NET runtime (EXE File) 24.10MB

System requirements

.NET Framework 1.1 or later runtime installed

Avaliable tools:

Software promotion category
  1. PAD file creation
  2. PAD file validation
  3. FREE software submission to 20 download sites

Website promotion category
  1. Search engines submission
  2. Search engines optimization
  3. Tracking
  4. Advertising

Marketing services category
  1. Software promotion services
  2. Website promotion services
  3. Hosting services
  4. Software registration services
  5. Website templates